Rob Lyons

Full Stack Web Developer

A picture of me, Rob Lyons


My name's Robert Lyons. I'm a 1st Class Computer Science Graduate w/ honours from Liverpool John Moore's University, and I currently work as a full stack web developer at CPL Group.

Currently, my primary finished project is the aforementioned CPL Group website, while other working projects include an API for a CRM migration, as well as the migration of older web projects hosted on applications such as Drupal 6.


I have experience in various technologies, including (but not limited to):

I also have working experience from both a year at GE Power Livingston working as a project delivery engineer, as well as my current Tenure at CPL Group.

Why So Plain?

You're probably wondering why I went for such a simple layout, considering I know how to use a bunch of fancy languages & frameworks.

Well, there's a couple reasons for this, most namely being that it's far easier to build a website like this than to overload it with frameworks and bootstraps. That type of thing works far better for corporate projects than a small, personal website.

On top of that, the performance of such a small site is much, much higher than when using large amounts of scripts and external assets. In the future, I might try and make something more advanced out of this, but for now, this will do.


You can contact me at [email protected], or via my LinkedIn.